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Oxides in metal

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    I'm working on material transfer during hot working. My chemistry isnt to good. Could anyone explain if different oxides give different properties to different materials. Say MgO, would it give a different property to Aluminium from that it would give say Steel?

    If so is there anyway I can find out what property an oxide gives as in is there like a catalog?

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    Oxides will be chemically different in different alloys, but they generally have the same behavior - dispersion strengthening.

    See - High-Strength Aluminum P/M Alloys

    More generally - Nonferrous alloys

    For steel - http://steel.keytometals.com/default.aspx?ID=Articles

    The Strengthening of Iron and Steel
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    Thanks, but is it possible for oxides to make a metal brittle? Say Magnesium oxides in Al?
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    Sure. At some level the oxides are not beneficial but detrimental to the desirable properties, such as strength and toughness.

    See this - Dispersion strengthened metals and alloys
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