Oxidising power

  1. Why is ClO- more oxidising than ClO4 - ? I related this to MnO4 - and MnO2

    MnO4 - is more oxidising than MnO2 so ClO4- should also be more oxidising than ClO- too

    Can you give me reasons to why MnO4- is more oxidising than MnO2 but ClO4- is not a stronger oxidising agent than ClO-
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  3. Your HYPOTHESIS is wrong. Such easy comparison cannot be made ! Think about it...

    Cl-O-O-O-O and Cl-O

    - are bonds...

    Now think which one can easily be reduced... Also same thinking should take place while analyzing manganese compounds.
  4. Borek

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    This is completely off. Please don't comment on things you have no idea about.
  5. Borek

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    Mn and Cl are way too different for such a simple comparison.
  6. Ok can you give reasons of why clo- is more oxidising than clo4-
    also why mno4- is more oxidising than mno2

    Clo4- definitely has resonating structures and is more stable so less oxidising than clo-
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