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Oxygen enrichment of an internal combustion engine

  1. Jul 17, 2008 #1

    I'm exploring the possibility of filtering the induction air of an internal combustion engine through a suitable zeolite to increase its oxygen percentage.
    I've read the thread on Pressure Swing Adsorbtion and understand that normally air is forced through the zeolite at up to 150kPa but I do not need 95% pure oxygen.
    Questions I have are:
    1 What sort of surface area of zeolite is required per cfm?
    2 How long can the zeolite remain effective before it requires to be regenerated? I only need it to last a maximum of 10 seconds.
    3 Can it be regenerated by blowing oxygen through it from a high pressure cylinder? If so does it then need protecting from air until required?
    As I've said I'm not looking for 95% pure, any percentage increase will be beneficial.

    Any advice please!
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