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Oxygen Pump

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    lol the website says Zr is a rare earth metal. That is such a confusing way to say Zr is rare.

    I think you are confusing oxygen anion and oxygen molecules.
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    Nothing confusing here (and no, they don't mean it is rare).

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    anything about my actual question please?
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    My research is Rare Earths so don't worry, I know these stuff.

    I meant that Zr is not rare earth elements. However, I suspected that most likely the author of the website meant that Zr is just simply an element that is rare, which I thought would cause confusion among those who don't know much about what "Rare Earth" really means.
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    what do you mean exactly?
    It is not possible to pump oxygen molecules from a gas chamber?
    Or platinum is required to convert them to ions and then to pump them?
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