Oxygen to Sulphur: Paul D's Theory

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I am not sure if this question is even in the correct thread but please bear with me. I have a theory about the smell of sulphur following lightning strikes or extreme electrical activity in the atmosphere. (this has been quite well documted). Would it be possible for a very high voltage to change a small number of Oxygen atoms into Sulphur atoms or a compound of sulphur ? I confess, unfortunately am not a physicist (or anything like) just a person with a perhaps an overimaginitive brain !
looking forward to comments (destructive or otherwise :rolleyes: )
Paul D...Guernsey
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Fusing oxygen into sulphur has an extremely low probability. Besides, sulphur itself is odorless - it is the combustion of sulphur that produces a distinctive odor. This odor is very similar to the smells of ozone and nitrogen dioxide, both of which are far more likely to form from the main components of air.
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Many thanks for that and the alternative explanation.
Paul D

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