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Oxygen trap

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    I am looking for a thermally stable material that will gather oxygen from air selectively.

    I suppose many metals can do that? And oxidise? Or maybe liquids?

    However, I want to apply an electrical current and either reverse the binding of oxygen or move the bound oxygen across the surface or the material itself.

    Can you help me do this?

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    Many metals and non-metals can chemically react with oxygen in the air. Commercial oxygen absorbers contain just finely powdered iron.
    Molten silver dissolves oxygen too.
    However, if you want to move absorbed oxygen by applying electric current, you need oxygen ionic conductor.
    The most common is zirconia, often stabilized with addition of another oxide. It is used in automotive oxygen sensors.
    It requires high temperature for operation.
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    Thanks Henry, very interesting.

    Can we have a metal absorb oxygen and then release it by electric current?
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