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Ozone and/or Chroline sterilization process questions for fish products

  1. Nov 13, 2012 #1
    I have been digging up some information regarding those 2 gases for sterilization purposes.
    So far, I gathered that O3 would be better.

    However, I never actually found an actual definitive guideline as to how to treat the products, some suggest gaseous form of O3 for prolonged period of time, some suggest using O3 treated water.

    To keep things short:

    1. I need to CUT > Ultra quick freeze > store (months)

    How shall I use O3 in each of these steps? (gaseous / aqueous)

    2. I need to prevent freezer burn (prolonged exposure to O2 will cause bad freezer burn due to fat oxidation.

    It would be better if kept the products in N2 instead of O2... but since O3 decomposes to O2, for this purposes in mind, O2 is poisonous, any suggestions?

    3. Maintain taste and freshness (i cannot cook it before storage)

    PS: I found some articles suggesting O3 being able to "supercharge" chlorine, can anyone elaborate on this?

    thank you before hand
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