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Ozone and oxygen statement

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    Is this statement right?

    Let me explain a few things about the chemistry of the atmosphere.There are two types of oxygen up there.O2 and 03.O2 is the result of CO2 bonding with 03.02 is what keeps the earth warm.and it takes 40 YEARS for CO2 and other cfcs to make its way up into the atmosphere
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    Uh. Correct me if I'm wrong, but...
    Atmospheric O2
    Photodissociation breaks up the O2 and then the O and O2 then form O3, no?
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    Beats me, someoen correct you if your wrong ;)
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    No. Most O2 is generated from photosynthesis.
    AFAIK, O2 is not a greenhouse gas. CO2 is, though, as are CFCs.
    CO2 is not a CFC - as the name implies, ChloroFluoroCarbons contain chlorine, fluorine, and carbon.

    The 40 years number sounds vaguely familiar, but I'm not sure about the context.
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    O3 is made when ultraviolet radiation with enough energy in each photon to break the dual O2 covalent bond hits a molecule of O2. That molecule breaks into two seperate O1 atoms, which are extraordinarily reactive, as soon as an O1 atom hits another O2 molecule it forms a third bond with the O2 molecule, making an O3 ozone molecule. Ozone has a very short life time if there is any material that can combine with oxygen in the area (bacteria, metals, practically anything organic at all). It will, on contact, liberate an oxygen atom, turning back into O2, and burning whatever it touched.
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