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Ozone depletion fake

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    Ozone depletion "fake"

    I'm searching for a site that will give a detailed summary of what the conservatives (I'm sure they existed, they always do) used as their arguments or evidence to show that CFC emissions were not destroying our ozone layer. I want to see some debating back then before action was taken and then if any of the ideas changed after action was taken and evidence showed that the destruction of the ozone has ceased.
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    Re: Ozone depletion "fake"

    The internet has a downside: It is chock full of nuts. Google is your friend; it can find those woo-woo sites with ease.

    This site is not an ally in this cause. Debating people who are immune to logic and evidence is a no-win situation. We do not discuss crackpot notions at this site.

    Thread closed.
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