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Ozone hole over the ice continent could grow [in 2003]

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&u=/030822/161/51k7p.html&e=1&ncid=832 [Broken]
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    That's what we call a color enhanced edited photograph.

    I've been to Australian and no such "light in the sky" exists...

    But who cares? So there's a hole in the ozone and we all die - I find myself not too concerned about this. Should I be!
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    Uhhhmmmmm, from looking at the photo, it is NOT a "light in the sky", read the text, it IS a cloud forming in the southern artic.
    That is considered rare, and is an indication of colder air mixing, hence their deducing that the hole is getting larger.
    It is also (probably) NOT a color enhanced photo, simply a 35 mm camera shot that is pointed directly at the setting Sun, hence the colors on the cloud are a reflection of the setting sunlight, (angular, therefore reddened) the blackened foreground shows the F stop, and exposure setting, (timing) were rather high to compensate for the direct lighting.
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