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P&ID and Process Evaluation

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    Hello everyone.

    Does anyone know where can I find P&ID to for the generation of Syngas using natural gas/coal/biomass/waste residues as feedstock ?

    I need some of the main features of the process too.

    Thanks for helping. =)
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    The chances you'll find an actual P&ID are close to zero. They're proprietary information. You might find generic process information, but you won't find that level of detail.
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    Hi Osimplegirlo,
    Got your PM and wanted to clarify something. The term "P&ID" has a very specific meaning in industry. It stands for Process and Instrumentation Diagram. Such diagrams show every valve, every pressure gage, every pipe, tank, pump, heat exchanger, etc... for a system. On it, it shows a tag number on every component which corresponds to a tag on the actual component in order to identify it. Those tags also correspond to a parts list that contains information on what that component is and how it can be identified. A P&ID is a very elaborate drawing that contains a wealth of information not just on components but on pressures and temperatures and how the system is controlled including all the safety features and other information.

    You said you needed this for a project at school, but a P&ID is not what you need. You just need a simple process diagram, sometimes called a "block diagram". That's a type of diagram that shows the major components and enough to get a general idea of the process, but not at the level of detail that a P&ID provides.

    I'd suggest doing a search on syngas "http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=syngas+"process+diagram"+&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=". That way you can actually see the diagram before you click on the link.

    Anyway, you probably need help from a chemical engineer, and I'm mechanical so I can't offer you too much assistance. Good luck on your assignment.
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    Do your own PPE project assignment ball bags.

    Yes a P&ID is needed... its a design project 3rd year chem eng
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