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P/N Plasma Question

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    If we have two Plasmas, One Positive and one Negative.
    Both Plasmas are Hydrogen based, One Electricaly Charged (Neg) and the other stripped of it's Electrons (Pos).
    The Positive Plasma is contained in an ideal insulated Box #1.
    The Negative Plasma is also contained in an ideal insulated Box #2.

    The ideal Boxes are ideally 0 conductive.

    both Boxes #1. and #2. containing both type of Plasmas are separated by a vacuum
    of 1mm, ideally, the Boxes are never in contact with each other at any time.

    The Question is, Will the Plasmas interact with each other at any level through field emission and or any type of entanglement?:smile:
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    Presumably they would interact electrically (elctromagnetically) by virtue of the difference in potential and the established electric field. The negative charge in matter is carried by the electrons, and the positive change on the nucleus (or + ion). In a plasma, completely ionized, a negative charge implies an excess of free electrons, and a postive charge a deficiency of electrons, and in reality, that is not a very stable system. The electrons would try to diffuse from one vessel (with excess e's) to the other.

    Problem would seem to be much like that of a capacitor with an applied potential difference.
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