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P-wave superconductivity

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    Does anybody know how p_x + i p_y symmetry arises in a p-wave superconductor ? How does the complex form arise ? Thanks a lot ...
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    I'm not sure to what extent you want an answer to your question, because this is a topic that is covered in whole books!

    p-wave superconductivity is the triplet pairing symmetry, first discovered in superfluid He3. This is as opposed to the singlet state of the ordinary conventional superconductors, and the d-wave cuprate superconductors. I'm not sure if it is any more complex in nature when compared to the d-wave superconductors. The mechanism for pairing is still debatable, but I think for the ruthenates family of superconductivity, phonons are thought to be responsible for such pairing.

    I would suggest a review article might help, such as the one done by A. P. Mackenzie and Y. Maenob, Physica B: Cond. Mat. v.280, p.148 (2000).

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