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P2P cloud computing GPU simulation

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    I have been considering a concept that is beyond my technical qualifications. I want to start development of a software project that is based upon some convergent concepts, and I am requesting collaboration in writing a scientific paper on the concept.

    My consideration is for individuals in schools, colleges, universities and businesses to be able to conduct complex simulations on a standard personal computer without a central power plant GPU. For example, completing simulations in molecular dynamics, physics simulations and image processing using GPU processing power volunteered by peers on a peer-to-peer cloud network. The purpose being for individuals and academies to be able to conduct complex simulations without the requirement for a central GPU power plant.

    Project: Orion GPU

    1. The software must be open source code and free license.

    2. The software must be based upon internet cloud computing via a peer-to-peer network without a primary server or primary central GPU power plant supercomputer.

    3. A confidential reward system is required for research and development, where interested parties such as, for example, university professors can examine and verify the academic development source code work and provide a universal monetary donation reward system based upon the merits of such work, for example, using a Bitcoin address.

    4. Academic users of such a peer-to-peer system must be capable of minimal monetary bidding via Bitcoins on a research simulation project based upon the limitations of physical laws, for example, the amount of GPU flop power (Watts) in monetary units required to complete the simulation plus a minimum 20% profit peer-to-peer pool share based upon the amount of GPU flops voluntarily contributed to such a simulation and above such physical law limitations to compensate for power utility providers, machine component wear and volunteer GPU donor time.

    This is only my first rough draft of this idea, I still need to write a collaborative science paper. Any collaboration is welcome, and please provide a Bitcoin address for any collaboration and academic work you provide to advance this project for academic merit rewards as per definition 3.

    Orion1 Bitcoin address: 1Kqw89UPKuVzsSiph1G26FuHkDukRFWEXF

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