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P2P vs. BitTorrent

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    Everytime I use BitTorrent it downloads stuff slower than when I download stuff with P2P programs, such as BearShare. I thought that BitTorrent was supposed to allow users to download stuff faster than P2P. What is the deal?
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    BitTorrent is a type of P2P network, so it doesn't make any sense to compare P2P vs. BitTorrent.

    Your speed depends on the swarm, and also on your network configuration. I have participated in BitTorrent swarms that took ages and ages to finish, since there were only a couple of peers, and I've also participated in swarms that were quite quick. Also, many clients throttle connections that upload very slowly, so you have to have a reasonably good upload speed to expect good download spees.

    Read some of the BitTorrent FAQs around on the web, and go through their speed sections. You might find that you just have something misconfigured.

    - Warren
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    Generally if you have slow download speeds (in BT) its usually attributed to improper router/firewall setup. You must enable port forwarding. In your router configuration page, forward the particular port that your BT client uses (example 6881) to your local IP.
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    and, for the record, never EVER use BearShare. It has more diseases than any hooker in the world.
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    What is a good P2P network apart from Bearshare and BitTorret?
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    The gnutella networks used to be rocking. But IMO, nothing can compare to BitTorrent. Its come along way.
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