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PA speaker question

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    i just purchased this PA speaker and am building the amp from a kit to power it. the question i have though is about mounting the speaker. i am going to mount it on my collision bar directly behind my grill. since it is directly behind the grill... if it rains, it will obviously get wet. i would like to know if the speaker will be able to take that on face first or whether i should face it backwards. and if i face it backwards, will it severely lessen the sound intensity? if anyone has any experience/knowledge/thoughts on this, i would appreciate the help. thanks,
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    Facing it backwards will change the direction the sound is traveling - this could work to your advantage or against you depending on what is located behind the mouth of this device. The intensity stays the same (energy level) but the dispersion of that energy is what matters.

    While it could possibly handle being faced forward it would need to have been designed for that, so it would be a gamble on your part. You could probably take apart the compression driver and put a thin film of plastic across the opening to the horn throat and make it highly water resistant if this hasn't already been done.

    Facing it straight down will allow it to use gravity as an asset to prevent water buildup but will distribute the sound in a larger pattern so the level to the listener in front will be reduced and increased in all other directions. Just another option to consider...

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    downward was a great idea, thanks... i'll see if it'll fit that way
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