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Pac man source code wanted

  1. Aug 28, 2004 #1
    Hi All

    This is my first post here :biggrin:

    I'm really short for time, and i hate coding up graphics, so does anybody have source code wirtten in java for the classic arcade game pacman by any chance?

    If so, may I use it in a little AI project i'm currently undertaking?

    If you answered yes to both questions, and you have fairly neat, understandable code, please send it my way: screwball_3001@hotmail.com

    I've been looking all over the net for java source code for pacman, and i was only able to find two written in java.. unfortunately, one was badly written.. no comments, code looking like it's been compressed into 10 lines from 1000, etc lolz, and the other one i found was really neat, but didn't work :grumpy:

    Cheers :biggrin:
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