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Pacemaker problem

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    Pacemakers which are designed for long-term use commonly employ a lithium-iodine battery capable of supplying 0.42 A x h of charge. (a) How many coloumbs of charge can such a battery supply? (b) If the average current produced by the pacemaker is 5.6 mcA, what is the expected lifetime of the device?

    I am pretty sure I have to use the equation I = Q/t, so Q = It? How do I get t, since it is not mentioned at all? Does this have anything to do with the "x h" mentioned in the problem?
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    what unit make up an Ampere??

    since I = Q/t
    and time is in what units?

    can you figure out how to d oyour problem now??
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    A = C/s, so C = As = (0.42)(3600) = 1512C. As for part (b), what is 5.6 mcA? I see the A, but was does mc mean?
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    mc = micro (althouhg usually they use the symbol mu [itex] \mu [/itex])

    micro = 10^-6
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    Okay, I correctly solved this problem, thank you!
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