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Homework Help: Package time

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    I need some help with a question please.
    If a helicopter has a speed of 5.50m/s moving upward vertically and when at the height of 105m above earth a box is dropped from the window how much time will it take to reach the ground?
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    You need to show some work first, and let us know where you are getting stuck.
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    the problem is that i don't know what equation to use for this problem. Would the speed of the helicopter, 5.50m/s, be the speed of the package as well?
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    do i use xf=xi+vit+.5at^2 ?
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    x= xi+ vit+ (1/2)at2

    where xi is the initial height, vi is the initial velocity and a is the acceleration due to gravity. Do you know what the initial height and velocity are for the package?

    My answer to your question, which you posted while I was typing, is "yes"!
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    so the xi= om xf=105m and vi=5.50m/s vf= 0m/s a= 9.80m/s^2
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    is that correct?

    or is the xf= 0m and xi=105m b/c it's being dropped from the top?
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