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Packaging seals

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    I've noticed the metallic package seals on some bottles of isopropyl alcohol and other products tend to flake into the bottle when trying to remove it. This doesn't seem like a good thing. Could the substance used in the seal interact with common skin care ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic (sp?) acid, or antibiotic ointments? Would it interact with the alcohol itself?
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    Usually companies test these things but if you get the cheapie stuff they might not test it.
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    It's hard to know what's considered cheap anymore. Many stores don't carry more than one brand so there's nothing to compare with.
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    Typically, companies test only what they are required to test by regulating agencies, or they test packaging materials that could effect the efficiency and or cost of their packaging line.

    We are seeing the potential result of de-regulation in the US playing out in China, as manufacturers substitute cheaper (and toxic with skin contact) wood alcohol for ethanol/isopropyl alcohols. Lots of cosmetics and skin treatments have been recalled in China recently, after wood alcohol has been detected in them. If businesses are allowed to regulate themselves, expect them to do whatever they think they can get away with to maximize short-term profits.
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