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Page numbers in power point

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    hi, this will be really simple but i cant work out how to display the page number/total number of pages in power point. by this i mean that, for example if my presentation is five pages long and im on the 2nd page it will show 2/5 in the bottom right hand corner. i can display just the page numbers but i think it would be better in this format so that i and the audience no how far there is to go!! can anyone tell me how to do this please?

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    If you go to View Header/Footer, there are little snippets you can include for auto-page number and total pages, date, author, etc.

    In Office 2007+ I'm almost certain that you have to go through a Slide Master to view the footers though.
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    hi thanks for the quick reply! however, i had tried that before but instead of giving eg 2/5 it jst gives the current page number (eg 2). i want the total page number to show as well. is there an option like that that i am missing in the header footer bit?
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