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Paid subscriptions

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    Hello All,

    My PF subscription was normally renewed but it doesn't appear on my profile.
    BTW, this renewal is automatic and doesn't let any chance to a member to quit the place.
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    Are you sure it was renewed? I thought Greg disabled automatic renewals because it was set up in error, and people complained.

    If you were actually charged for it, contact Greg Bernhardt by PM to either manually upgrade you back to a gold status, or to issue a refund if your concern is that you didn't want to renew and it automatically did so.

    He also is the one who needs to fix the subscriptions feature if it's automatically renewing without any option to stop that...it shouldn't be doing that.
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    Here is the message I received on 05 august 2007
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    No subcription is auto renew as of several months ago. You must have signed up for it before we found the problem. You currently aren't showing as a contributer however. I'll search my reconds and see what happened. Shoot me a PM if you want a refund.
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    Hi Greg,

    I just need the "PF contributor" on the profile page.
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