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Medical Pain from x-ray?

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    Dear Dr. Greenman,

    I have a question wherefor I do not find the way how to post it on the forum.
    It is related to radioactivity;:

    I had to lett taken a X-ray from my longs.
    When the machine made a grumpy noise, the picture got taken, but at that instant suddenly the whole side of my chest was sor(the chestside face-ing the positioned was suddenly in pain). I wonder now, few years later, what caused the pain, and if the reason could have bin a high dose of radiation? It has hurd perhaps couple of days.

    Sicerely yours to help me find the legal answer to this hospital question. I am from Belgium,
    and my name is Dirk Jacques Gielen.(Not Dirk Gielen)
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    Re: How painful is it to die from acute radiation poisoning?

    Sounds like you pulled a muscle. What position were you in for the X-ray?
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    Your thread was moved from the wrong forum.

    We do not diagnose people online. You should consult a medical doctor.
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