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Medical Pain in Angina

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    I have a doubt. Why pain occurs in a coronary artery block. I can understand, heart cannot work efficiently if blood sent to is less. It may lack oxygen and other nutrients. It can even fail to perform or even be dead.

    But why there should be a pain? What is the role of pain and how pain neurotransmitters triggered?

    I would like to know the pathyphysiology of pain during a heart attack. Especially why?

    Does the body trying to heal itself?

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    What we experience as pain is a 'feeling', something is not right.
    It can be something simple like accidentally burning yourself on a hot plate.
    The nervous system makes triggers that mostly are responded to at 'low level' - we remove our hand from the plate before we experience pain as such.
    My guess is that the same kind of reaction is hapenning in the situation you described.
    Initially parts of the nervous system close to the problem react, and somewhat later 'something happened' registers as conscious 'pain'.
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    This can be easily googled and is too broad for us to go into. If after you look this up your self you have more *specific* questions, then please feel free to ask.

    if you are asking because you or someone you know is experiencing this, please see a doctor as soon as possble.
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