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Paint Technology

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    Please can someone give me any latest soft ware or info on paint tainting and technology.
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    Do you mean paint tinting? Like tuning up a paint color to use to paint your home? I've seen such software in the home improvment and hardware stores, but am not sure if you can run the application on your own PC. Have you tried looking at the websites of the paint manufacturers?
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    The formulae are likely proprietary, too. Have you ever tried mixing commercial paints? They don't combine like you might expect, and can give some decidedly ugly colors. I bought a variety of paints to create my own backdrops for portrait photography and got some "interesting" combos.
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    In the store (if it is a good one) they'll have a spectrophotometer that can calculate the paint mixture to approach a certain color.
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    I have not seen one jet I will start looking for it. Thanks
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