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Painting a Chess/Checker Board

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    Anyone ever do this? I am currently working on a project to paint a Chess/Checker Board onto my desk, but I am looking for some ideas on how to paint the actual pattern for the board. I have already sanded down the area of the desk, and am going to paint a 17" square area white (.5" boarder around with 2" squares). I then plan on painting the black squares over the white, sound OK? However, I am looking for ideas about the best way to paint the black squares. Any ideas there, comments?

    Some things to keep in mind, I want every square to be the same size, so I can't just make an actual stencil of the board, and then paint over it, as (imo) I would need to cut out the squares, and they could end up going all over the place (because there will be nothing connecting the squares, since I want them all to be equal).
    However, I was thinking about the idea of making an entire row and then I would actually be able to make it one nice piece, but I would then have to move the piece 7 times to actually finish the board, which, imo, is a reasonable option. Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks!
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    how about you paint it in white, then draw a grid with a ruler, very neatly and then paint every second square in black? The last step is to show me a picture of a finished work ;)
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    I guess I should have said this in my original post, I am using spray paint. So I don't think I could paint every other square without covering the portions of white that are to not be painted. Thus I am trying to find the best method of covering the white squares.
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    Paint it white, then, use a computer-guided CO2 laser to burn in black squares in the correct positions. With lasers, you can be very precise.
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    You actually can make a stencil.

    Your stencil is a grid made of 5 horizontal and 5 vertical strips, each 2" X 16", separated by 2". This grid will cover 75% of the area of the board.

    First you paint the entire board white. Then you place the grid on it correctly, and paint in half of the black squares. Then you move your grid diagonally by one step and paint the other half of the black squares.

    PS : Wait for the paint to dry between steps.
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    Do the one with the lasers!! RAHGGG!! LASERS!!
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    Awesome Idea!!!!!! Thanks!
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    Correction : I believe those strips want to be 2" X 20"...but you can figure that out.
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