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Pair production energy

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    In pair production, what is the formula for the energy of an electron or positron of this conversion.

    Also, what is the wavelength of a photon that can create an electron positron pair.
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    One needs a photon of an energy equivalent to at least the rest energy of the electron-positron pair, i.e., 1.022 MeV, in which case the electron and positron don't wander too far from the atom. The positron would anihilate, and the electron (with others) would find a way to fill the hole left by the anihilated electron.

    In anihilation, at least two gamma rays of ~0.511 MeV are formed.
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    So what else would be included. The energy of the photon would be the resting energy of electron and positron plus there kinetic energy? What else comes into it?

    What about in a vacuum, a pair production without an atom?
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