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B Pale Blue Dot Project

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    Apparently there's something called the pale blue dot project that needs funding to image an earth like planet in a nearby star system. I asked them of the lens diameter and they replied that the telescope will use a 18" mirror. Is that enough resolution wise? Seems a little small when you compare it to James Webb or other planet searching telescopes.
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    some references to what you have been reading would be good :smile:
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    Sorry I think it's called project blue my mistake anyways here is what my question is on.

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    Apparently this is a crowd sourced attempt to develop and launch a space telescope dedicated to finding a hospitable planet around Alpha Centauri.

    Join the Search for Another Earth

    BoldlyGo Institute

    They're currently trying to raise $175,000 to define the project and establish industry relationships. The mission is expected to cost around $50 million and they're projecting a 2021 launch. Seems a bit ambitious to me.
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    In my opinion though a 18" mirror is not even close to what's needed to image an exoplanet. I'd like to invest in this but I'm fairly skeptical.
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