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Paleontologic demonstration in Leiden next Wednesday

  1. Dec 10, 2011 #1
    You're all invited, but I'll understand, you can't all make it.

    Last month a beam trawler seemed to have found a mammoth mass grave in the North Sea. It got tons and tons of mammoth bones in it's nets (trawls), an unprecedented amount. The paleontologists here are all very excited, since many bones have been found that match.

    So here is the event.

    http://www.naturalis.nl/nl/over-ons/pers/persberichten/2011/mammoetdeskundige-bouwt-schedel-mammoetbaby-uit-noordzee-op/ [Broken]

    Dick Mol will assemble the remains of a baby mammoth skull and I know he will do that in a very entertaining way. I'm there too, taking pictures.

    Leiden, Naturalis, Wednesday 14 december 3pm.

    I hope to see a few of you.
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