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Palestine, The Middle East?

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    Why is Palestine called the middle east? I look at a map. There's Asia. There's the Palestine region in WESTERN Asia. It's the middle west, not the middle east. Let this error be corrected.
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    It's "west" from what frame of reference? Why would you use Asia as your frame of reference, over, say, London?
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    Error? Do you know where the name actually came from? Why is the eastern hemisphere the eastern hemisphere and the western hemisphere the western hemisphere? Why should we care?

    Also, you do understand it isn't just the Palestinian area that has this label, right?
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    I see why Near East was used, but don't know who introduced "Middle East". Here:

    Near, far, and middle.
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    Why is New Jersey a mid-Atlantic state even though it is nowhere near the middle of the Atlantic? On account of Turkey being on the losing side in WWI?
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    No, it is actually just wishful thinking....
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    Mid-east is Persia.

    Mid-west is Peoria.

    What's the problem?
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