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News Palin flow chart

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    Heheh, that's how it went.
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    Lol, yep gosh darn i reckin so:rolleyes:. Iffin it twern't ya'll sayin it i wonda how she got it right over yonder.

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I suddenly find myself repulsed by anything Alaska. I had always planned to go there, but at this point I have no interest.

    I guess we will have to visit Arildno to see the Northern lights. :biggrin:
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    Actually, I have not been there. From watching Nature, National Geo., and some other PBS programs, I believe it is a beautiful State. Albeit, how long with Palin in charge? There are posts saying she wants to abolish treaties with Native Americans allowing subsistence fishing - to let in commercial interests (and her and hubby have a stake)(let me find that post). Drilling in ANWAR, building more pipelines. If she gets her way in a while there won't be anymore moose for her to shoot.
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    She is suing the Interior Department to not only declare Polar bears not endangered, but also to strip Indigenous Peoples of their coastal and river allotments, that have been guaranteed them by treaty and the settlement of claims act back in the 1970's.

    It's not at all clear exactly what her agenda is other than the exercise of a despotism arising out of the populism she is trying to benefit from.
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    My grandfather spent a few years in Alaska and said that it's the worst state that he's ever lived in. And as far as I know he's at least lived in California, Nevada, Tennessee, Indiana, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan and Montana.

    He said there are very small areas (relative to the size of the state) that are worth seeing, but overall, not a nice place. The horrible mosquito problem made it that much worse.
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    Thanks Lowlypion, I do see her using her popularity to make changes in Alaska that would benefit her and hubby's cronies. I don't think she is an airhead; she is a con artist - thats how I view her. (I've had run ins with that type and she is quite similar -IMO)
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    To be fair you knew that she would be doing something like that as soon as she was introduced as a politician!
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    I've observed elsewhere that she really reminds me of Huey P. Long from Louisiana. He was a populist Governor that was eventually shot to death because of his arrogant abuses and purchased populism. I think not all that different from Palin, taxing the oil companies and playing the hero and writing checks to the people.
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    I don't remember reading about him. Sarah, does remind me of Cheney a little though not as subtly devious as he is. She literally would be a figurehead if McCain wins. I think he would tell her to work from home and delegate most of her work to her staff who would be more knowledgeable than she.
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    I think she's not a maverick so much as she is apparently a demagogue intoxicated by power.

    Once in office, I would expect that she would undermine McCain and be at the ready to grab power wherever she could.
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