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News Palin Is Out Of The Running

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    Sarah Palin has announced she's not running for president.


    (Wasn't sure this was appropriate for its own thread, but it didn't seem to fit anywhere else.)
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    Palin could raise a great deal of money for Perry or Cain. If the primary race is close - Palin, Trump, Christy, and Huckabee are all potential kingmakers. At the same time, if they call on her because they're struggling - it would be ill-advised to use the money to destroy Romney.

    I've said it before - Romney/Gingrich 2012 - and they don't need her endorsement.

    Btw - W Blitzer asked Gingrich about running as VP specifically today on CNN (after Rubio said he wasn't a VP candidate) - Newt said his response "wouldn't be no".
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    she may still get fees to attending speaking engagements. it's not like she actually has to endorse anyone.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Unshackled from the chains of the most powerful office on earth. Heh. That level of spin makes me dizzy. She isn't running because she has no chance of winning, and she knows it. She was nothing but a flash in the pan. Once people really got to know her, it was all over. Her only real strength was her anonymity.

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    She wants to be the vice president this time. That's the best way to become a President in the future.
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    This coincides with my next door neighbor, Larry, announcing that he's not running either. Shocking news perhaps, but we must accept it and move on.
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    Is she going to shackle herself to Bachmann to try to achieve that? That ticket would be one big bag of right-wing crazy!!
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    Is Cain too much of a newbie to be a serious candidate?
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