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Panama Canal

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    Hey guys i'm doing an project on the three main CIvil Engineers that help in the constructiion of the canal.

    I camed up with...

    Philippe-Jean Bunau-Varilla

    John Frank Stevens

    George Washington Goethals

    This last 2 have a really intensive involment on the canal construction, but the first mentioned was more of a inpulse to the continuing of theproject after the French abandoned the constructiion of the canal.

    So my question is!!!

    Is there another engineer besides these 3 that was heavily involved in the construction of the canal, to the point that he is known specifically for something he designed or invented in the Panama Canal?

    Thank You
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    Have a read of "The Path Between the Seas" David McCullough.
    The original engineer was called IIRC Wallace who made the major breakthrough of getting rid of the mosquitos before starting work - that's ultimattely what made the job possible.
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    Here they explain that the first chief engineer was John F. Wallace, but he quit early...


    And in this document you can read: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/tr/panama.html [Broken]

    "Dr. William Gorgas, who had helped to eradicate yellow fever in Havana years before by killing the mosquitoes that carried it, directed sanitation efforts. Workers drained swamps, swept drainage ditches, paved roads and installed plumbing. They sprayed pesticides by the ton. Entire towns rose from the jungle, complete with housing, schools, churches, commissaries, and social halls."

    That is about what mgb_phys is talking about.

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