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  1. Greg Bernhardt

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    This story has gotten some decent publicity. Panamanian officials are saying it's a dead fetus? A dead fetus of what??? Maybe a sloth?
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  3. It looks like a Hollywood alien. It's probably fake.
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    Either a shaved sloth or sloth fetus, I'd say.
  5. lol? looks weird. i guess taking it as a sloth is the best explenation, and i am content with it.
  6. Greg Bernhardt

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    I agree it looks much like a sloth especially with those claws. But I am confused how it could be a fetus. It looks massive!
  7. Ivan Seeking

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    Yes, the claw seems to be the dead giveaway. Fetus? I don't see that.

    The kids shaved a dead sloth and faked the story, is my guess.
  8. dlgoff

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    Or maybe lots of NairĀ®.
  9. Ivan Seeking

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    Wow! Check out the hit rate on this thread. :rofl:
  10. nice, 2600 since yesterday,

    can I put an ad in this thread?
  11. According to the National Ambient Authority, they found a headless sloth on Tuesday. I doubt those kids were able to shave it, but maybe the animal had a disease or something that caused him to lose the hair.
  12. I thought that this was a Montauk monster thread again. But, nooo. This is a new monster. Funny how many are showing up with regularity lately, huh?

    This one looks rubber.
  13. alxm

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    I don't think they shaved one. (wouldn't that be a ridiculous amount of work!)

    It's just one that's been in water and lost its fur, much like the Montauk [strike]monster[/strike] raccoon.

    If they said they killed it, they're lying - that thing's been dead a while.
  14. that poor ol' sloth...
  15. Not to say that it's an alien or something (I've seen human babies that look more like an alien than this), but the eyes aren't positioned the same (a sloth's eyes are usually right beside the nose and set back, these are above the nose and more forward), and the nose itself is shaped pretty differently with wider nostrils and no real point to it. Also the mouth isn't really shaped like a sloth's. The face in general seems a bit flat to be one, but I guess it could just be swollen or something. If that's true though, somehow only the face is swollen and the rest of the body seems to be pretty emaciated, especially the limbs. Maybe it's a mutant or something?

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  16. jambaugh

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    Look at the picture of the live sloth. The eye positions are the same as the "creature". Claws, shape, and belly hair just showing in the pic of the creature makes it obvious it is a Sloth.

    I don't think the sloth has been shaved or that it's a fetus. Notice the hair on the belly. Possibly it was too much for some big snake to digest and he regurgitated it after stomach fluids took off the hair. (I mean a BIG snake!)

    My other hypothesis is that radiation from an Alien Death Ray caused the sloth's hair to fall off and then killed it.
  17. Or a mentally retarded one, if there even is such a thing with sloths... I'm assuming if it had some sort of mental retardation, like with humans, there would be noticeable differences in the facial features and the skull...

    Or even a different breed of sloth. Different sloths have different facial features.
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