Pantheistic Strings & Mystical QM

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Pantheistic Strings & Mystical QM

Einstein was cannonized as a saint by the Navaho nation for his theory of Relativity. The Navaho's have no future tense, no verb to be, in their language and their worldview is very relativistic. Much of native american religion shares the exact same artwork, symbols, and basic formulation of its roots in Asian Shamanism. Relativism is precisely what distinguishes these worldviews from western thought.

The two basic schools of Asian and Shamanistic thought are Pantheism and Mysticism. Like the theory of Relativity, String theory is a more Pantheistic formulation while QM is a more mystical one. Pantheistic approaches can be incredibly flexible and readily adapted to mathematical formulas, while mysticism can possess more elegant simplicity and stubbornly resist analysis. It is the mystical perspective, I believe, that is the missing ingredient required to formulate a TOE.

One step forward, two steps back is a good metaphor for this. Over the last thirty years the growing consensus among theorists has been that in order to make further progress our views of spacetime must become more fuzzy. As much as a TOE will answer our questions, it must also deepen the mystery.

Thoughts? Questions?
Only a short, singular thought on the lines that fuzziness might correspond in some way to numerical irrationality : although you can move along the PI series as you traverse it, you paradoxically get no nearer the end. The miniscule 'imperfections' (irresolveabilities) inherent in such 'approximations' enable spatio-material geometries to exist, otherwise, without them, the 'universe' would be binary, and its nature and geometry 'square off at every intersection'. Perhaps PI's series reflects a chaos self-similar model, where sub-series resemble other sub-series and super-series. There will be imperfections in this similarity as well.
fuzzy logic and holons


Fuzzy logic can indeed give an entry in deeper understand of the interconnectivity (inter-vibrations) of our universe.
When you start the analysis from the top (creation) in an holonistic approach you hold into all sub-systems the previous 'analogue' information.

A good 'thought-experiment' is to start with only one (spheric) membrane which is unbreakable.
That membrane is postulated to be almost infinite elastic. You can see this membrane as the basic spacetime Einstein gave us. (check: [Broken] ).

The membrane acts here as:
- the base for all creations (and 'strings' can be seen as local parts of the brane),
- as an isolator
- as a conductor.

By analogue moves (oscillations) of the membrane you get active and passive zones of spacetime with can interact.
One zone can penetrate another thus creating a double layered new 'apparent" independent unity. This zone has locally coupled spacetime. This is a holon (cfr. Arthur Koestler). It couples the two previous zones. Inside this holon the two coupled layers will now interact with each other; bringing thermodynamics, EM, radiation. On other locations of the membrane (spacetime) similar holons are created. All holons can interact with each other creating billions of combinations.
A holon can thus have many layers of space-time. Inside the holon these membrane can also interact and couple locally to sub-holons. This way "local information" is stored inside the holon.

Inside each holon you will have it's own search for equilibrium. The different oscillations (waves) of the incorporated membranes must find a temporal balance, but will decay (decouple) in time. Standing waves of sub-membranes will hold longer.
That way the total holon will 'vibrate' a unique combination of added waves.

To the outside observer the result may look like a binary result although it's analogue. The holon may behave like a 1 or 0, but inside you have the dynamic logic (fuzzy logic) of interacting values.
That way you resolve the problem of the quantum leaps.

Information (that be described as specific restructured spacetime) can shift by several ways:
1. A holon may change behavior by exogenous contact with other (neighbor) holons (which create additional oscillations inside the holon layers), and these may bring new sub-holons inside. [adding new information to a holon: i.e. adding to the brain the additional association : a 'ball' to the color-hollon 'red'];
2. A holon may change behavior by embedding exogenous (visitor) holons (which incorporate additional oscillations inside the holon layers). [i.e. effect of an entering photon in an atom-holon]
3. Holons hold (layers of) previous information. So changes in previous holons (one or both parent holons) will create also a different behavior (oscillations) of the holon. [ i.e. phase effect on a water-molecule ];
4. A holon my decay by new exogenous information [i.e. learning process: decay previous 'idea-hollon' and recouple to a new idea];
5. Holons can communicate direct (by contact) or indirect (by membrane conduction).
Direct contacts will be observed as direct causality. But in the hierarchy tree structure specific oscillations will also be conducted over distance. We can call that membrane causality. [i.e. synchronicity of JG Jung, Sheldrake's morphic fields]. So two distant holons are connected by the (harmonic) resonance conducted over the membrane(s) or you can say that one holon is capable to "sense" (being resonant to) the vibrations emitted by the membranes of a distant holon. (see scheme on [Broken] )

Indeed dynamic (fuzzy) logic included historical informations, and that's essential to general conservation of energy.

If you want more of this you can check: (8 pages to choose from).
Membrane causality effect on the cortex: [Broken]
On holons - some links: [Broken] [Broken]
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