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Homework Help: Paper cups

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    OKay this question is so vague. I need opinions on what it could possibly mean.

    What happens when a person blows between two paper cups that are hung by strings 10 cm apart?

    Now i am trying to imagine how this would look. Is the string going through both cups like one of those little kid paper cup telephones?


    Are the cups tied to seperate pieces of strings like windchimes and have a distance of 10 cm between them?

    I think it is the telephone version
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    The question would only make sense if they are being hung like wind chimes. Think about the change in pressure between the cups when you blow between them.

    Also, this is the wrong forum to ask questions.
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    It doesn't matter what the strings do at the top.

    Two cups, hung 10 cm apart. Period. (i.e. your second option)

    The point of the experiment is, when you blow air in the gap between the cups, what happens to the cups?
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    This is a demonstration of the Venturi effect.
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