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Paper cut

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    Doing the staff christmas cards ,and i just paper cut my tongue licking an envelope,
    and it feels realy, realy, sore.
    envelopes should have warning signs on.
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    Or tongues - Do not use this organ near sharp objects?
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    That also applies to every other part of your body!
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    Oh geez, that has to hurt.
    Try a damp sponge next time,or even better yet, post cards! I quit licking envelopes after someone sent me a horrid e-mail about rat droppings and cockroach eggs in paper mills. While I'm sure its not true, I still can't get myself to lick them.
    And if I did cut myself on one, I'd be soaking my tongue in pure grain spirits.
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    I have crawled around under old paper machines (stone foundations, near rivers, etc) to provide technical services to them, and though there were rats, etc, I'd rather lick the paper produced by those machines than eat the food that comes off some food-production lines. Once you know about the "permissible" levels of excreta, insect parts, etc allowed in foods, you'll lose your fear of licking envelopes. Hint: do not even think about researching the stuff allowed in foods containing dates unless you're a confirmed insectivore.
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    Very true, i will never use packet soup, although it is not the insect parts that worry me so much, it is remembering the smell of the factory, and repairing machines that had a 2 inch thick layer of the stuff that had set like concrete.

    My tongue is still sore, i stuck it in vinegar for a minute or two to disinfect it, that was bad.
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    It is these little things that hurt most, i mean i have had three fatal electric shocks, several near fatal road accidents, and the thing i remember most was kneeling on a piece of broken glass.
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    I hate when that happens. Nice to see that you made it through another birthday without a major mishap. Um, well, sort of.

    A swill of warm salt water usually helps the tongue thing. The voice of experience.
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