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Homework Help: Paper on Special Relativity

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    Hi all,

    I am taking modern physics this semester and just received my first writing assignment. The assignment asks me to write a short play centered on a dialogue between Issac Newton and Albert Einstein. These two scientists are to discuss the twin paradaox, with Einstein attempting to argue the logical validity of relativity while Newton is trying to find inconsistencies in the theory.

    I am wanting to sprinkle the paper with bits of humor to make it a more enjoyable read. At the same time, I want to accurately portray the personalities of Einstein and Newton. So, does anyone have any suggestions for the personalities (that could be employed humorously) of these two men? I have looked through some online biographies of both men, but these contain more about their accomplishments than individual qualities. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Well they were almost opposites when it comes to personalities. While Einstein was friendly and understanding towards those who disagreed with him Newton was harsh and vindictive.
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    Newton can be described as someone whom would rather plug away at equations than talk to people. He was known as being quite rude and mean. He stuck to himself for the most part. Before his death he said he was going to die a virgin, that says alot I think. He came up with so many theories that would turn the world of physics upside down, he is easily one of the smartest and most determined people ever to walk this planet!

    I do not know as much about einstein so I will let others fill in.
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