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Paper tower! ahhhhh

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    technology assignment= PAPER TOWER

    you can only use one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper and 3 feet of tape
    you can tape it to the floor
    has to stand for 5 minutes

    there are other threads about paper towers but none of them are specific enough to understand.

    i was gonna do the eiffel tower approach but i cant seem to figure out an idea for the middle part:

    ________ <------------
    // || \\

    any ideasss?:confused: :confused:
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    Thread moved to homework forums -- Intro Physics.

    Welcome to the PF, whateverr151. For lower-division homework (even projects like this), the posts should be in the homework forums. And on homework problems and questions, you should show some of your own work so far, as well as state any relevant principles that you think are involved.

    So your Eiffel Tower approach sounds interesting. Does the tower have to support some amount of weight while it is standing "for 5 minutes"?
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    What do you think are the strongest shapes? This should help both in your overall design shape, and also the shape you make you "columns". Also, consider making some sort of gusset plates for each seam.

    What are you using to attach paper to paper(glue?)?
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