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Paperback vs Hardback

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    Let me start off by apologizing for starting another "book" thread. I realize that some of you must be sick to death of these types of questions, but I didnt see this topic anywhere in previous threads. As I'm sure you know, students are usually quite poor and don't want to risk making a mistake and get a book that wasn't what they expected. So here goes the question:

    Are the (cheaper) paper-back versions of classic texts such as Courant, Apostol, Spivak's calculus, word-for-word replicas of the original hard-back copies?
    Are there any other differences besides the hardness of their covers? :tongue:

    Thanks for your help
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    yes. and you can get courant's book and apostol's book (both volumes) online which i am studying right now
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    So your using the paper-back version?
    Can I get the ISBN # from you?

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    no i am using the hard back version (just checked em out of library). but they the actual ebooks online
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    How do you know they are the same then?
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    Which book of Courant were you talking about? If it was "An Introduction to Calculus and Analysis", then heres the ISBN for the paper back version.

    Volume one : 81-8128-168-3
    Volume two : 81-8128-169-1

    I dont see why the paper back and hard back should be any different. Its logically absurd :) Its just the same book with a different binding.
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