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Homework Help: Parabola Help Plz

  1. Feb 19, 2005 #1
    I have a few problems for a review section in my book for a test comming up soon. i am confused on a few problems and was wondering if some1 could help plz?

    1.) The Axis is horizontal; the parabola passes through the points (0,4), (0,-1) and (6,1)

    I am very confused on this problem and 2 others exactly like it, but with different points. Could someone please help me get these started?

    Thanks for all your help its appreciated
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    Andrew Mason

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    What is the general equation for a parabola oriented like this? It should be x in terms of y^2 and three constants. So you need three equations to find those three constants. The points give you those three equations.

    Use the general equation and plug in x = 0 and y=4, x=0, y =-1, and x=6, y=1 and you can figure out what the constants are.

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