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Parabola Problem

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    Given {x | -50 < x < 50}, {y | 0 < y < 20} vertex at (0,20) it is a parabola find the equation in (x-h)^2=4p(y-k)

    its pretty easy except how do i find p?
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    The information you given isn't enough- I assume you mean a parabola with vertical line of symmetry, vertex at (0, 20), and such that when x=50, y= 0.
    (From {x|-50< x< 50}, {y|0< y< 20}, my first guess was x= 50, y= 20 but then I saw that the vertex was at y= 20 so the parabola must be opening downward.)

    Since you only ask about p, I assume you understand that since the vertex is at (0, 20), the equation is (x- 0)2= 4p(y- 20). Now, put x= 50, y= 0 in that and solve for p.
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