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Paradigm of biology

  1. Jul 2, 2004 #1
    I conducted an investigation into the strange interpretations of physics. As a consequence
    of debunking those interpretations I discovered something that is truly amazing.

    There is a symmetry of structure and process across and within the sub-atomic, atomic
    and biology domains.

    This symmetry finds quantitative expression with a paradigm that takes the form of a
    structure of numbers and arrows. The first part of the paradigm is below.

    The paradigm gives us the ability to describe to the absolute degree of detail, and to
    predict to an extent many would not have thought possible.

    The numbers of the paradigm do not represent abstractions. They represent real and
    physical entities and physical process.

    The number [4] on the paradigm can represent the seven amino acids which are required
    in the formation of a single cell organism. Through addition the number [4] has a value
    of 7, and (2) and 16 represent temperature and pressure. [4] becomes (1) through this
    process and represents a single cell organism.

    This organism as (1) divides into 9 and 9. Perhaps you can tell me what these two nines
    represent in the sense of strands of DNA. At [5] our organism is subject to the impact of
    radiation and mutates into (3). Our mutated organism can then recombine with the other
    strand of DNA and forms a new species of organism.

    From this simple beginning I see the paradigm going on to specify the functioning and
    evolution of biology. And that is truly amazing.

    You can view my essay and the paradigm at http://paradigm.blogharbor.com

    Stephen Mooney

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    Where did you get that information? As far as I know more than 7 amino acid are required for the formation of a single cell.

    Recombination does not always occurs after mutation, and most mutation and recombination are harmfull. Radiation is also not required for the emergences of a new species, mutation occurs because of falty machineries. Most microorganism also die quicky when expose to any sorts of radiation.
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    All 20 amino acids are found in DNA polymerase, which is certainly needed for a functioning cell.
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    I did a little more research and discovered that there are 20 amino acids required plus 2 special cases: asparagine/aspartic acid - asx - B glutamine/glutamic acid - glx - Z .
    So, 22 at [6] on the paradigm must be where single cell biology is formed.

    Thanks for that.
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    Yet further research indicates that there are indeed 20 amino acids. These combine at [5] under temperature and pressure and then at (3) divide into two strands of DNA. Hence the two 22's at [6]. Sorry about that , I have just begun applying the paradigm to biology.
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