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News Paradise Lost?

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    What should--or can--be done about "the environmental crime of the century"?
    by Christopher Reed

    http://www.harvardmagazine.com/on-line/010538.html [Broken]

    With genocidal intent, Saddam Hussein decimated the Marsh Arabs and their unique environment. Can a place and a people's way of life be restored?
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    It is one of current archological/environmental disasters.

    Turkey built many dams to control the water and to exchange it with oil in futures ... Saddam built 30 dams and tried to change the direction of the rivers far from Iran. At the end he decided to dry it because his enemies hide among the green muddy islands!!

    Indeed crime against nature by selfish and stupid people....

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    "environmental crime of the century" is a just bit of an exaggerration. what the US did in vietnam has got to be the worst possible "ecocide" on record by far, if we don't include all the pollution/smog/etc produced by the hardcore capitalist countries. (including canada)
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