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Homework Help: Paradox Equations

  1. Oct 28, 2009 #1

    Do any of you guys know what equations or formulas I should be using for questions like "If A is on Earth and B is an Astronaut travelling near the speed of light". Calculate the duration of B's journey to A and the duration of B's journey according to B.

    I assume that B's time calculation (The proper time) is less than the time calculated in A's frame. I'm puzzled when the equation involving gamma was involved which I think is the Time Factor.

    Could you tell me which equations should I be looking at for those 2 situations other than c = s/t
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    Doc Al

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    Gamma, the Lorentz factor, is involved with both time dilation and length contraction.

    That's the big one. Realize that distances are contracted for the moving observer.
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