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B Paradox of the rope (transmission of information in GR)

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    I was thinking about a gendanken experiment that I don't know how to solve:

    Imagine we tie one extrem of a rope in the earth and the other one in the Sun, with some tension, and connected to a dynamometer (obviously in ideal conditions: no heat, no rotation etc.).
    My question is: when will the dynamometer feel that we've cutted the rope in the earth?
    In other words: what's the speed of transmision of the information? Inmediatly? (Obviously not because GR) At the speed of light? At the speed of the waves in the rope?

    What's your opinion? Can anybody demonstrate what will happens?
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    The wave speed in the rope.

    This might give you some insights:
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    Very cool! Had seen this quite a while ago but had forgotten, so thanks for reminding.:cool:
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    Very interesting experiment!
    In speed of sound wave in rope with the given tension the information transmits.
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