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Paralel universe and Warping of Space Questions

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    I recently read about the warping of the space and the paralel universe . Can anyone explain for me what is paralel universe and warping of space ? And if we are entering to a black hole , is it meaning that we will travel to another universe or to another time (future)?
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    Gravity is caused by the warping of space-time. Under normal circumstances, it is the time component of the warping that is the most significant. This shows up, for instance, with atomic clocks, which run slower deeper in a gravity well.

    Rulers, though, are also affected by bravity - in fact a local definition of a meter is the amount of distance light traverses in a certain amount of local time, so that as time warps, space also warps. This is usally much less significant as far as the motions of bodies go, but it does show up in such effects as the apparent deflection of light via a strong gravitational field as being twice that of what one would otherwise expect.

    As far as falling into a black hole goes, if the hole is non-rotating, one is probably dead, not in an alternate universe.

    There might be a small possibility of reaching a so-called alternate universe by falling into a rotating black hole rather than a rotating one, with enough planning. This is very much uncertain, though - it's not something I'd want to bet my life on. Since we won't ever be able to see the inner structure of a black hole without going beyond the event horizion, there is no way to determine experimentally the answer to this question, and it will remain beyond the confirmation of direct experiment.

    For a discussion of some of the theoretical predictions of what MIGHT happen if one falls into a rotating black hole, I'd recommend Kip Thorne's book "Black holes and time warps: Einstein's outrageous legacy". Online there is a much more technical paper


    that discusses this question.

    I'm not aware if there are any papers that have superceeded this analysis, it is an analysis of the collapse of a charged scalar field as an indication of what MIGHT happen with a rotating black hole, it's not even a direct simulation of a rotating black hole!

    But it does mention the possibility of reaching an alternate universe, for instance

    I don't fully understand the nature of this "mass-inflation" singularity, but it appears that as the tidal forces are finite, it might be survivable. It's unclear whether or not this even means that a human could survive the resulting tidal forces, much less what the other effects of this so-called "weak" singularity are. It's not even totally clear that the actual singularity would be such a weak singularity, the language on this point is tentative.

    All in all, going into a black hole would be an extremely risky proposition.
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