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Parallel and Series

  1. Oct 27, 2008 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Ok this should be an easy one. I am trying to calculate voltages and charges on each capaciter. But first I want to make sure I understand the picture correctly, because soemthing isnt matching

    c1 and c5 are parallell to each other. c3 and c4 are parallel to each other. then c15, c2, and c34 are in series with each other?
    please correct me if I'm wrong. thanks

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    Doc Al

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    What you need to do is systematically replace unambiguous examples of parallel or series connections with their equivalent, then reexamine the circuit and do it again, repeating the process until done.

    For example, c1 and c5 are not really in parallel, since the other capacitors are connected between them. But C3 and c4 are definitely in series, since they are directly connected. Start there.
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    o wait a minute. so C3 and c4 are in series. then c34 is paralell to c2. then c1 is in series with c234 which is in series with c 5
    ok im gunna try this out and see if i get the right answer, thanks
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    Doc Al

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    Now you're cooking. :wink:
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