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Parallel Circuits!

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    ok this is a simple question and i have the idea but just not 100% sure
    If two legs of a parallel circuit have about the same about amount of current, what can you say about the resistance of each of these legs?

    My answer is that both legs most probable have the same object, there resistance would be very alike

    any corrections?

    Another question was

    Paul’s Super Marco video game uses batteries that produce 3 V. If the circuitry produces a resistance of 15 Ω, how much current is generated in the game?

    I came up with
    .2 current generated in game
    on the rubric for the question it says
    Reversing Ohms and Volts in formula (15/3)=10 points
    im not quite sure what they mean by that any help would be great
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    Look at using conductance (G). G=1/R=I/V. Also, Wikipedia is a good place to find general information.
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