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Homework Help: Parallel flux

  1. Feb 23, 2010 #1

    If we have a Y shape iron and we put a Permanent Magnet N pole at the bottom leg of the Y in such that it will saturate it. would the top ends of the Y also be saturated. what if instead of 2 we have 20 branches where flux can go. what is the saturation will be like at one branch?

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    No the top ends of the "Y" wont saturate as they will each have only 1/2 of the saturation flux density.

    BTW. Since you don't specify then I'll assume that all legs of the Y have the same cross sectional area. Note that typically the "Y" would be connected to some form of yoke to form a complete magnetic circuit.
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    Then, why the H-B curve does not take the cross sectional area in account?
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    OR should I take the value of B and half it to get the saturation in the the branches?
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